Fathers' Home


In India due to poverty most of the old people, though they are loved by their families, don’t live a comfortable life. So the Fathers’ Home is the dire need of the time. Old people, having their long life-experiences, are able to put in their advices to help each other.  Moreover they are trained in different jobs, and if they are able to guide, they can be a tremendous help to untrained people within the project.

They will be afforded to study the purpose of human life, so that they may understand even in the evening of their life if they did not understand so far. Thus their end may be calm and smooth. Those who want to serve selflessly will have the chance to do so. They can take up a suitable occupation in the various activities of the Centre. So they may find a fulfilment in the service of man and be carefree in an atmosphere of physical and spiritual welfare.


Fathers' Home - Kirpal Sagar

Fathers' Home - Kirpal Sagar








Each one of us is unique in his own way. There is a divine purpose behind the life of everyone who comes into the world; no one has been created for nothing. We have something to learn from everyone. This is the mystery of humility. 

Sant Kirpal Singh

Fathers' Home - Kirpal Sagar
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